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Lexus F-Sport by Sushiopolis Lexus F-Sport by Sushiopolis
I wanted sort of a coffee mocha theme to convey richness with bold power.
Sushiopolis Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Professional General Artist
Since I was behind on time I didn't really describe my entry when I posted it.  When I went to the local Lexus dealer to photograph details of the car not included in the asset package, I absolutely fell in love with the simplicity of its body design.  It does NOT need any changes in my opinion.  When you get up close and personal with the IS 250 F-Sport, it kinda seduces you into believing it can't get any better.  The body plays with light wonderfully and the angles are perfectly blended while remaining sharp at different angles of viewing.  I had a totally different theme in mind before meeting this car.

Afterwards, it struck me that this car is refined but simple in presentation.  Small details add together to give a unique impression.  That changed my mind.  I decided that this car is deliciously sinful, like chocolate, but too gorgeous to be as dark as milk chocolate in its entirety.  I decided mocha coffee with tinted windows and chocolate accents around the windows adds just a tad more character to an already wonderful subject.  It's a sophisticated little thing with just enough rebel mixed in to be the perfect city hybrid of a respectful sedan and spunky sports coupe.  Therefore I decided it's like a cup of mocha coffee.  Simply delightful to the senses and a kick in the pants when taken in!
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August 12, 2013
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